Bully bundles evaluation – Bully Stick shipment as well as membership

Note: This evaluation is sponsored by Bully Bundles. utilize code THATMUTT to save 10% on any type of order.

What is Bully Bundles?

Bully bundles is a monthly membership service for bully sticks that delivers to your door.

The business provides 6-inch as well as 12-inch bully stick chews for dogs. You pick the number of sticks you want provided (up to 60!), as well as your membership immediately renews each month.

The bully sticks from Bully bundles are sourced from free-range, grass-fed Brazilian cattle, according to Bully Bundles. These bully sticks are 100% beef, as well as yes, they’re made of a bull’s penis.

Bully bundles Review

Sečteno a podtrženo:

I truly like this convenient, shipment idea as well as the bully sticks are high quality. My puppy Remy likes the bully sticks as well as they have seriously saved me from some puppy madness in the last two weeks! The bully sticks keep my hyper bit puppy hectic as well as calm when I’m trying to work. He likes these much better than rawhides.

Use code THATMUTT to save 10% on any type of order
The sticks from Bully bundles are high high quality as well as although Remy chews on his bully stick every day, he hasn’t even made it with a whole chew yet in two weeks. Not even close.

My senior canine Ace is not extremely thinking about chewing anything lately, including the bully sticks. He has some health and wellness issues as well as does not have the energy to chew.

The expense of Bully Bundles:

Prices for a monthly provide of 6-inch bully sticks:

6 sticks: $16/month

10 sticks: $24/month

15 sticks: $34/month

30 sticks: $61/month

60 sticks (holy cow!): $105/month

Prices for a monthly shipment of 12-inch bully sticks:

5 sticks: $24/month

10 sticks: $45/month

15 sticks: $61/month

30 sticks: $105/month

There is totally free shipping on all orders within the United States.

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What’s distinct about Bully Bundles?

It’s a monthly shipment of bully sticks! Such a fun concept many dogs will love! It’s similar to membership boxes for dogs, however you understand precisely what you’re getting each month.

I’m uninformed of any type of other business that focuses particularly on bully stick subscriptions.

Pros of Bully Bundles:

Much less expensive per stick compared to many stores! A single bully stick at two regional pet stores in my area are over $8 each for little sticks! Six-inch sticks from Bully bundles are $2.67 or less.

The costs for the different bundles are extremely remove on the website, including the cost per stick.

The bully sticks are 100 percent all natural, according to Bully Bundles. No preservatives or chemicals.

Made from totally free range, grass-fed cattle. No growth hormones or antibiotics utilized on the cattle, according to Bully Bundles.

You can pause your membership or cancel at any type of time.

Bully sticks are typically risk-free as well as simple to digest.

These are difficult as well as last my puppy a long time.

So much simpler than going to the store. I like to simplify/automate whatever possible.

Good choice for people with several dogs or people who foster or volunteer with rescue groups.


The bully sticks are made of cattle in Brazil vs. cattle from the United States. This doesn’t matter to me. *Update on this below.

Just two kinds of chews to pick from – common 6-inch sticks or common 12-inch sticks. I like the simplicity. Others may desire there were much more varieties of chews, particularly if their dogs get bored. perhaps pig ears or braided sticks, etc.

Bully bundles wished to comply with up on why it utilizes cattle from Brazil:

“Most USA cattle are really kept in pens, are grain-fed, as well as injected with antibiotics as well as hormones while most Brazilian cattle (including ours) are free-ranging, grass-fed, as well as get no antibiotics or hormones. Not only are these latter conditions much more humane for our cattle, however they likewise result in healthier bully sticks for our dogs … And our sticks are still USDA as well as FDA authorized just like sticks from the us would be.”

Would I indication up for Bully Bundles?

No. Not at this time. I do not requirement this numerous bully sticks at the moment for one bit puppy. *Update: It’s getting much more appealing to indication up.

However, I will certainly pay the $16/month for 6 little sticks if Remy ends up going with his bully sticks that fast. I would much rather indication up for a monthly shipment than stop by Petco every month. $16 is not poorpro top -zářez žvýkání, které vydrží.

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