Top questions about starting a canine walking company

This post is for my readers who are interested in starting a canine walking company or pet sitting business.

Since I started writing about my own company I’ve received a lot of questions from others on how to get started.

Here are the three questions I hear the most:

1. how do I get much more clients? (Or even one client!)

2. Which canine walking insurance company ought to I use?

3. how do I stand apart from the “competition”?

Here are my answers …

Top questions about starting a canine walking business

1. how do I get much more canine walking clients?

Well, the most common problem I see is new canine walkers wait as long as possible to fully commit to starting their business, and then they pass out fliers a few days before they’re ready to start canine walking.

The problem is, you really need to get out there numerous weeks in advance!

Start advertising now. start handing out fliers and company cards now. start introducing yourself to other pet-related company owners now. start attending dog-related events in your community now. before you’re actually starting to take clients.

Word of mouth takes a month or two (or three) to take off. So don’t wait!

If you do this early enough, then once you’re actually ready to start taking clients, you might have some lined up already.

Another thing I always recommend is introducing yourself to a few recognized pet sitters in your town. invite the other pet sitter out for coffee and ask if she’d be prepared to recommend you when she’s full. successful pet sitters are always turning away company and it’s good to have someone else to recommend.

2. Which canine walking insurance company ought to I use?

The main thing is to have insurance. The cost for insurance ranges from $130 to about $400 per year, with different coverage options and coverage limits. I recommend you call and speak with a licensed insurance agent and review coverage options for your distinct business.

PetCare insurance offers insurance starting at $129/year, and it provides coverage for both canine walkers and pet sitters. The price is affordable, and it’s worth the peace of mind if nothing else. To speak to a licensed agent about the PetCare insurance policy visit

Pet sitting is stressful enough as it is, and you just never know what can happen when you’re working with animals.

3. how do I stand apart from the competition?

If there aren’t numerous canine walkers in your area, you’re lucky. You’ll have an simpler time taking over the market.

However, if it seems like your area is “saturated” with canine walkers that is not necessarily a bad thing. If these companies are really successful (some are not!), it implies there is a high demand for canine walking services in your area. That is a good thing!

Trust me, there are plenty of dogs to go around and you really only need about 20 clients.

Look at it this way: focus on what you’re good at and what’s distinct about you and your business.

For example, some companies focus on taking 6 dogs on off-leash hikes for 2 hours at a time. Others focus on one-on-one pet sitting visits in the pet’s home, often providing overnight visits. These services are very different. One is not better than the other. prostě jiný.

You might want to focus on taking 1 or 2 dogs out running at a time during normal weekday company hours as an alternative to canine daycare. Or, you might want to focus on house sitting and petcare for cats, horses, puppies, senior dogs or whatever it might be while the owners are traveling. Again, very different services, right?

This is why it’s so essential to network with similar company owners. stop taking a look at them as “competition.”

Oni nejsou.

There are plenty of animals to go around and each company focuses on different things. Plus, if one company is full they can recommend you.

OK, so what other questions do you have?

Get my ebook on how to start a canine walking company ($17) to learn how to rapidly grow or start your business. It helps to learn from someone who’s been there.


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