National answer Your Cat’s questions Day!

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Today is a very, very important and extra-special day… national answer Your Cat’s questions Day! I have many crucial questions, too. In fact, I have sharpened my crayon and compiled a list. Mommeh, please answer my questions; you have to, on account of the holiday.

Why don’t you feed me more treats? Daisy, you get plenty of cat treats. just so none of your friends get the idea that you’re deprived, let me make it clear that you get treats almost every day. and of course, you always get treats when you are posing for photos.

How come you don’t enjoy it when I bite/scratch you? We’ve already discussed this one, Daisy. You have very sharp teeth and claws and it hurts my delicate human skin.

Can I have a bigger allowance? Ne.

Why did you bring Harley home? and is it too late to return him? I know you secretly love Harley because I’ve seen you grooming his fur when you thought I wasn’t looking. So the answer is, yes it is too late to return him.

When will it be Christmas again? only 337 more days.

Why can’t I have more catnip? Daisy, you know you get too crazy when I give you catnip. So I have to reserve it for special occasions when I can supervise you.

Let me check my list.  Yes, just a few more questions…

Do I really have to go to the vet? I only make you go once a year for your routine check up and bloodwork, and when you’re feeling under the weather.  It’s worth it to keep you in tip-top shape, don’t you think?

Where do you go when you walk out that door every day? I go to work so I can afford to buy you all those treats and toys you love so much.

Jak moc mě miluješ? Daisy, I love you even more than you love treats!

So today, when your cat looks at you quizzically, remember that he or she probably has some important questions for you. Take a few extra moments and figure out what your cat needs to know… and be sure to answer!

What do you think your cat wants to know? 

Daisy the Curly CatHolidays

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