When to utilize a dog shock collar

5 utilizes for a dog shock collar

Treats as well as clickers are the norm in dog training these days, at least for your typical pet dog trainer. This is absolutely fine. most dogs thrive on praise as well as rewards. They don’t necessarily requirement a “leash pop” correction, although it definitely wouldn’t hurt them, either.

I prefer to be available to a range of training methods. Not only is every dog different, however every circumstance is different. You bet I’m going to scream, “Hey! Nech toho!” at my dog a few times per year. I’m absolutely going to step in front of him to “body block” him from going after a burrito on the ground. I’m going to look him directly in the eyes so he understands I’m serious when I tell him “no” or “wait” or “quiet.”

While I’m generous with praise, treats, toys as well as doting on my dog, I have no issue utilizing choke, prong or shock collars (also called e-collars or electronic collars) in specific situations. I’m not all “positive.” Of course, nobody is.

OH MY GAWD, shock collars?! If this is your reaction, then this publish is not for you. This publish is likewise not a guide on exactly how to utilize a shock collar. If you requirement assist with that, I suggest you work with a expert fitness instructor in your area.

This publish is just meant to show dog owners that there are a range of training tools offered – gentle Leaders, bark collars, no-pull harnesses – as well as there are circumstances where all of these tools can be extremely practical to the right dog/owner pair. I desire that dog owners would not be personally attacked just for discussing a shock collar. I desire that people might stop being emotional over a valuable tool as well as focus on the genuine task – training the dog. all of us understand what is finest for our own unique dogs.

5 possible scenarios where a shock collar might assist with dog training

1. mentor a dog physical boundaries.

My parents’ dogs (pictured) have always been trained with dog shock collars to stay within the limits of their yard. The dogs at first got a few weeks of training where they discovered the limits as well as actually got one or two corrections. Not poor when you think about the years of off-leash flexibility the dogs have had since then.

A physical fence is just not always economically realistic or visibly appealing if you want your dogs to have gain access to of the whole yard, particularly on a lakefront, tree-filled property.

When I very first brought Ace to my parents’ house, we decided to utilize a shock collar to teach him the limits as well. That way, when my parents took care of him for weeks at a time, they might feel comfortable leaving him outside with their dogs. While Ace is one of those dogs who selects to stay close, you just never understand what might cause any type of dog to bolt from the lawn as well as into the street.

My dog got a single shock during his preliminary training as well as one shock or two after that. Now, almost seven years later, he still keeps in mind the limits when we see my parents’ house. I have absolutely no regrets utilizing a shock collar to teach him where he can as well as can’t wander. It’s made his life more fulfilling, as well as it’s increased our bond since we’re able to spend more time together.

2. mentor a dog not to bark.

I don’t suggest a shock collar as the very first choice to stop a dog’s barking. First, I suggest the owner makes sure the dog is getting adequate exercise as well as interaction. The dog should likewise get obedience training so the owner can phone call the dog when necessary as well as put him in a down/stay position, for example. Obedience training will likewise assist provide the dog some structure, so ideally the barking will naturally decrease.

Of course, there are circumstances where an anti-bark collar may be the very best or the only option. It’s regrettable when people rule them out or begin judging dog owners for utilizing these tools. For example, what if the dog’s owner is dealing with eviction warnings because of the dog barking at every single noise when left alone? Leaving a dog in a kennel or crate won’t always peaceful him down. Hiring a dog walker or taking the dog to dog daycare is not always an option. These services are expensive. utilizing a citronella spray collar is a possibility, however these are much milder deterrents as well as won’t always work.

3. mentor a dog to stop chasing something dangerous.

Again, it assists to believe of all possible scenarios. For some situations, a shock collar is not appropriate. If a dog is attempting to chase cars, for example, perhaps it’s finest for that specific dog to stay on a leash at all times. Naother hand, what if that dog occurs to slip with its collar or bolt out the door? Wouldn’t it be much better if the dog has already been trained not to chase cars?

Or, what if your recently embraced dog just can’t seem to stop staring at or chasing your cat? It may be finest to re-home one of them. Or, perhaps a correction or two together with some positive reinforcement to reward the right habits is all the dog needs to discover the feline is not for chasing. Sure, you might spend months as well as months utilizing treats as well as praise. Or, you might utilize a shock collar as well as potentially train the dog much faster. It’s not for all dogs, however it’s one possibility.

4. Controlling a dog from a distance.

Hunting dogs as well as other kinds of working dogs are commonly trained on dog shock collars. a few of these dogs requirement to do their tasks a number of lawns ahead of their owners – flushing, retrieving, searching, etc. –  and their owners requirement to be able to interact with them. They don’t all utilize shock collars, however these collars are one possible training tool.

5. Stopping unwanted behaviors.

There are just specific behaviors that can’t be stopped without some type of correction. A good friend emailed me earlier this year asking if I had any type of tips on exactly how to train a dog to stop eating its own poop. This dog’s owners were at their wits end, as well as nothing seemed to be working. perhaps they hadn’t tried sufficient food choices to discover something the dog valued more than poop. however regardless, positive reinforcement just wasn’t working.

Why not try an e-collar with a remote? Zeptal jsem se. A few corrections would take care of the problem. The owners might even stand inside the home to watch the dog in the yard. That way, the dog would not partner the owners with the correction.

A few months later, I asked exactly how the dog was doing. They had decided to utilize a shock collar, as well as it had worked to solve the problem.

As one more example, you might utilize a shock collar with a remote to stop a dog from digging in the lawn or to stop the dog from eating specific kinds of plants. I’m sorry, however all the positive reinforcement in the world is just not going to stop specific behaviors.

Safety tips to keep in mind when utilizing a dog shock collar


As with any type of training tool, you requirement to make sure to utilize a shock collar properly. Don’t hesitate to seek assist from a professional.

There are commonly other training techniques that can be just as efficient as a shock collar. try to utilize the tool that is finest for the situation.

You only want to utilize the shock collar to train one behavior/concept at a time. You don’t want the dog to be getting corrections for barking, jumping, stealing garbage as well as leaving the yard, for example. That would be extremely confusing as well as stressful! work on one idea at a time.

All training tools should only be utilized when the owner is calm. No training collar should be utilized when the owner is angry, frustrated or afraid.


Have you utilized a shock collar to train your dog?

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